Professional Climbers

Tree climbing
is a functional activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of trees.

Use of a rope, helmet, and harness are the minimum requirements to ensure the safety of the climber. Other equipment can also be used depending on the experience and skill of the tree climber.

Many different techniques such as free climbing, self-belayed climbing with a Doubled Rope Technique, Single Rope Technique, and lead climbing are used to climb trees depending on the climber’s individual style, purpose, and preferences. Generally though, climbing is performed by lapping a long rope over a limb and ascending the fallen end using a friction knot tied from initial tie’s excess “tail.” The difficulty of any particular climb depends on many factors: the regularity of branching, the brittleness of dead wood in some species, whether the bark is rough or smooth, the width of the trunk and branches, the height of the tree, the location of the tree, and the weather are all factors. Newcomb’s tree climbers go thru an intense training process and are highly skilled climbers.

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